The crown of Europe

Number of participants:
5 and up
Max altitude -5642m. Jeep tour from Dzhily-Su and to Terskol peak. Accommodation in new alpine eco-hotel LeapRus. Additional possibilities during the tour: possibility of skiing and snowboarding during acclimatization ascents, services of mountain skiing guides and personal guides, helicopter trips, photo and video services, service of security bodyguards, organization of corporate ascent. We offer you arrive to Mineralnye Vody airport early in the morning or on the eve of program start with additional accommodation in Kislovodsk, Essentuki.

Distinctive feature of this trip is the opportunity to stay in our brand-new unique eco-hotel LeapRus. This mountain complex located at 3912m A.S.L. provides you the most comfortable conditions for acclimatization.
Alpine eco-hotel LeapRus has dining room, shower, toilets and drying facilities, sleeping modules have rest zones with large panoramic window that offers you unforgettable view to the Greater Caucasus Mountain Chain.
The program includes jeep tour on comfortable Toyota Land Cruiser offroaders from North of Elbrus Dzhily-Su and to Terskol peak. We will organize luggage delivery to eco-hotel to help you save your stamina for the final ascent.


Mineralnye Vody (300m) –Dzhily-Su (2300m) – Terskol village (2200m) – eco-hotel LeapRus (3912m) – Pryut 11 (4050m) – Pastukhov rocks (4700m) – Elbrus West summit (5642m) – Terskol village (2200m) – Mineralnye Vody (300m)

Day 1. What’s up, Caucasus!

Early in the morning you will arrive to international airport Mineralnye Vody, where you will meet our representative. Then the specially equipped offroaders Toyota Land Cruiser will head you to the magnificent healing place of the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria – northern side of  Elbrus, Dzhily-Su.
After admiring the views and visiting to 40m-high waterfall Sultan and 30m Karakayan-Su, swimming in famous mineral springs and Silver baths you will have a picnic on the famous plateau from where the first expedition to summit Elbrus started over 200 hundred years ago. Then we will head further to the Baksan gorge to the final destination of today Terskol village. Accommodation in the  hotel***.  We offer only the hotels that provide the best level of comfort. The first day ends with dinner, meeting with the senior guide, discussion of the ascent plan.

*hotel accommodation, picnic, dinner

Day 2. Acclimatization trekking to Terskol observatory

Breakfast. Today you will commit a fascinating acclimatization trekking to Terskol Peak Observatory (3100m). Your day starts with jeep tour to Maiden’s Braids waterfall. Then you will walk to the observatory and further on to the abandoned Ice Base of Moscow State University (3300m). The building materials for the construction of Priut 11 were delivered via this path. You will enjoy the view of mighty Elbrus from the south and the route that you will take during the summit. After you return to the hotel the guide discusses the following day program, choose extra equipment at the rental**. You can try local cuisine**, go fishing**, visit sauna**, take helicopter tour** and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Caucasus Mountains.

* hotel accommodation, breakfast, lunchbox, dinner
** at extra fee

Day 3. Winy heights

Today you will meet the highest European mountain for the first time. After lunch you will take the cable lifts to Gara-Bashi station at 3750m.
Then you will make acclimatization ascent to 4050m. The guide takes you via snowy upland to the rocks above Priut 11. The cable lifts will take you down to the hotel where you will pack the luggage which is not needed at the mountain. You can leave them in the hotel storage room. If needed you can rent additional equipment**

* hotel accommodation, breakfast, lunchbox, dinner
** at extra fee 

Day 4. The world at your palm

After lunch you will leave your luggage at the hotel and continue your acclimatization. Today you will ascent to the lower edge of Pastukhov rocks (4500m). It is a serious altitude that requires total concentration and following the guide’s orders. On the cable lifts the porters will help carrying your luggage. From Gara-Bashi station to eco-hotel LeapRus you will take a snowcat.
The special attention should be paid tо the accommodation on the slope of Elbrus. We are proud to present you our unique alpine complex as the most comfortable accommodation. You will enjoy the hot shower, lavatories, Wi-Fi.
After check-in you will continue your trekking to the altitude (4500m). To save your stamina you can use the snowcat**. Then you will descent to LeapRus hotel. There you will enjoy the comfort and friendly atmosphere, discuss the program for tomorrow, check and adjust the equipment and prepare for the next day.
After lunch you will have a friendly evening chat with the stories and legends of the Caucasus.

*Accommodation at LeapRus, breakfast, lunchbox, dinner
** at extra fee

Day 5. To the coveted goal

After breakfast you will continue you acclimatization with the trip to the upper edge of Pastukhov rocks (4700m) and higher. You may want to use the snowcat to save energy**. During the trip the guide will teach you the technique of moving on snow and ice, adjusting the equipment and self-arrest on the slope. The ascent takes 4-5 hours. The evening program – dinner, photoset and chats under so close stars.

*Accommodation at LeapRus, breakfast, lunchbox, dinner
** at extra fee

Day 6. Anticipating the triumph

Breakfast. This day is specially allocated for the rest and recovery. This is a very important day that influences the successful summit. The guide will continue your training.

*Accommodation at LeapRus, breakfast, lunchbox, dinner

Day 7. Summit day

So the X-day came! Ascent via classic route.
Wake up at 1 a.m., leaving the camp at 2 a.m. On request you can simplify the route and rent a snowcat** to Pastukhov rocks that will increase your chances for successful summit. In this case you can leave the camp at 4-4.30 a.m. as you have to be at the rocks by sunrise. Ascent will take 6-10 hours. The route is marked with poles, but still, ascent is permitted only with fine weather as Elbrus knows no mercy. Only by following the orders of the guide you will make it to the top safe and sound with enough time to enjoy the magnificent view of Caucasus range, take some pictures to remember this incredible feeling of freedom and joy of conquering the highest peak of Europe. Check time for ascent – 2 p.m. In the mountains the weather changes swiftly and that’s why after check time the group has to turn back. Coming “down to earth” don’t forget about safety. Upon return to the mountain hotel, tired buy happy, travelers most likely will celebrate the summit and make plans for the next ascent to another mountain giant.

*Accommodation at LeapRus, breakfast, lunchbox, dinner
** at extra fee

Day 8. Spare day

If the previous day hasn’t brought suitable weather conditions, you will have spare day for the summit. In this case the schedule is similar to Day 7. But due to necessity of acclimatization on the way down to Azau valley, check time shifts to 1 p.m. If you have already summited Elbrus the day before you will have an amazing opportunity to take a sightseeing tour** (Chegem Falls, Vysotsky museum, etc.) or simply to take some rest after tiresome ascent. In any case this day ends with descent by lifts to Azau valley, transfer and hotel accommodation. In the evening you’ll have a farewell party at the fireplace with Caucasian cuisine. Elbrus conquerors will be awarded with souvenir gifts.

*Accommodation at LeapRus, breakfast, lunchbox, dinner
** at extra fee

День 9. Farewells

Breakfast. Group transfer to the Mineralnye Vody airport (3-3,5 hours), departure, we can also organize individual transfer**.
Hundreds of pictures and beautiful memories of unforgettable days spent on slopes of icy Elbrus will become true pearl in the collection of your personal achievements.

*Accommodation at LeapRus, breakfast, lunchbox, dinner
** at extra fee


2060 $ Order

Price to be requested

Price includes: group transfer Mineralnye Vody – Terskol – Mineralnye Vody, all other group transfers on the program, hotel accommodation DBL***(4 nights), accommodation in eco-hotel LeapRus (4 nights), triple meals throughout the route (buffet breakfast and dinner at the hotel, hot meals + lunchbox in LeapRus, picnic in Dzily Su, banquet), cable lift in days of acclimatization, group equipment lease, experienced mountain guide (price includes one summit attempt), additional guide for summit day (1 per 3-4 people), registration on the territory of Elbrus, snowcat to and from the eco-hotel, national park Prielbrusie entrance fee, safety expenses (registration in emergency service, radio communication, pharmacy), accident insurance.

Extra services: air/train tickets to Mineralnye Vody and back, personal climbing equipment, SNGL accommodation at the hotel, additional services and activities on the spot, snowcat for the summit day and acclimatization, any changes to the itinerary leading to additional expenses, alcohol, sauna, horseback riding tours, helicopter trips, additional tours not included in the program, services of personal and skiing guides, professional photo and video.

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Во-первых хочу сказать большое спасибо за ваши старания. Приятно работать с такими профессионалами. Особое приятно, когда все делается искренне. Плюсы: 1. Высокий уровень обслуживания 2. Люди - профессионалы своего дела. Обходительные. Работающие на результат. 3. Очень приятно было получить сувениры. 4. Широкое меню развлечений и услуг. 5. Большое спасибо отелю Озон 7 вершин, за то, что разрешили оставить вещи в номерах. 6. Питание в отеле было вкусным. 7.Машины всегда были доступны для поездок по поселку, и это плюс. Минусы: 1. У нас была очень большая группа, отсюда высокая вероятность неудачи всей группы из-за одного человека. 2. Ужасная работа проката и подъемников. Общение с персоналом канатки крайне негативное. 3. В следствии большого количества туристов в группе я не успел взять сноуборд. Хотя, честно говоря, нагрузки хватило и без сноуборда. еще раз хочу сказать: Приятно общаться с профессионалом своего дела. До встречи
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руководитель предприятия
4 February 2014 year 11:56
Все было очень круто! На джиппинге получил адреналин, дорога действительно экстремальная, зато очень красивая. Жили в Озон 7 вершин, отличная гостиница, кормят вкусно и много. Очень порадовал массажист. После джипов он совершил чудо со спиной. Расселение на горе выше всяких похвал! Viva LeapRus! Это действительно тот уровень комфорта, за который не жалко заплатить. Душ и туалеты очень в тему, общались с туристами с бочек и других хижин, некоторые не верили, что такое возможно на Эльбрусе. Очень актуальным оказался wi-fi, постоянно мониторили погоду и поэтому имели четкое представление о перспективах следующего дня. В качестве пожелания - поставьте какую-нибудь беседочку или лавочки, чтоб снаружи сидеть, загорать. Отдельное спасибо гиду. Считаю что наше стопроцентное восхождение - целиком его заслуга! Всем своим буду рекомендовать, да и сам, если получится, еще раз приеду, с сыном взойду!
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3 February 2014 year 17:41