North Caucasian Mountain Club develops unique expeditions to unexplored places of the North Caucasus. Our expertise helps us to design unique, exciting and informative expeditions.

Our expeditions differ enormously from standard mass tourism. During the journey we set a challenge, design the route, blaze the trail and rediscover old paths, we visit less known places and reveal unknown details about widely known attractions. Our team includes experienced guides, historians and regional ethnographers, but in will not be complete without the most important person – you, the real traveler who prefers extreme and active adventures, quests and discoveries to any other activity.

Expeditions with “North Caucasian Mountain Club” will bring you not only unforgettable experience, but high quality of service and comfort. We took care about all the necessary equipment from the proper tableware to convenient tents where you will be able to lie at full length. Our Land Cruiser 76 and Land Cruiser 78 off-roaders will help you to break through hard-to-reach terrains. You can admire breathtaking landscapes from the back seat or even participate in the process as a co-driver.

We offer you to take part in our fist expedition “Alan’s path”, the historic route that follows the tracks of Alans, ancient warriors and skilled craftsmen. Their epoch starts in 1st century BC. Tamerlan’s conquest nearly ended their existence in 14th century. The culture and philosophy of this legendary nation still haven’t been studied properly. However this race hasn’t vanished and to these days you can find descendants of Alans. Some researchers believe Alans to be the ones who brought the tradition of virtue and honor to Europe thus starting the chivalry. They also believed to be the builders of the first medieval castles in Europe. According to one theory the King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table and legendary Merlin reflects Alan legacy.

Alan’s path” is an exclusive offer. Our primary goal is to preserve the nature, the cultural and historical heritage, maintain intact environment so we organize these expeditions only a few times in a year.

Expeditions with “North Caucasian Mountain Club” is a great opportunity to discover yourself as a trailblazer, to discover special and authentic culture and history of ancient Caucasus.