''Arkhy'' bus tour


You will visit the valley of Bolshoi Zelenchuk river where, in the upper part, lays Arkhyz. It is one most interesting place for mountaineering, hiking and skiing in whole West Caucasus.

Unique historical monuments of Lower Arkhyz, first Christian temples of 10th century in Russia and the image of the Christ vernicle are all represent rich history of this blessed country. In ancient times trading routes used to go through these lands and in 10th-13th centuries the capital of ancient North Caucasian kingdom Alania were located here, according to one of versions.

Tour includes visit to the observatory of Zelenchuk and RATAN 600 radio telescope.


Bus will take you 1150 meters up the Semirodnikovaya mountain and to the observatory (2070 meters above sea level). Then you will walk around the territory of Alan settlement (3 km) and walk 525 steps up the stairway with three viewing points (optional) to the image of Christ.

Clothes: tracksuit, suitable footwear, warm clothes if the weather is chilly.

Additional expenses: 250 rub (observatory, temple complex).



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