Bermamyt Upland


Bermamyt plateau is one of the most fantastic viewing points from which you can see Elbrus at its best. During this one day trip you will feel like flying while being at the same height as hovering eagles. On the other hand towering rocks will create an impression of being a midget in a land of Cyclops. You will be able to take home and enjoy for one more day more a bottle of “live” red mineral water and very rare “white” one.


Start time: 8 a.m.

End time: 6 p.m.

Overall distance: 280 km

Services included: transport with driver, guide, beverages, travel equipment, accident insurance.

Extra services: meal, optional services at the destination.

Recommended to take: comfortable tracksuit, closed sport shoes (hiking or running shoes), cap, sunblock cream, camera, bathing suit and towel, blanket, beverages.

Age limit: 8+


100 $ Order

Price to be requested

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